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The confessions of a bride.....

So this is my first blog, and since I am about to launch my new events and wedding design company I thought this would be the perfect time to start my very own blog to talk all things weddings. Everything from day to day wedding planning, to key styling trends and even things I wish I knew when i was planning my big day. So here goes. My lovely husband proposed to me on 24th December 2018, we just got married on 21st December 2019..... so as you may be able to tell we like to get things done quickly! I was so excited to plan our wedding and we both knew that we wanted to get married within at least a year, originally we were thinking about marrying in the summertime but when we thought about what would make our wedding truly personal to us we started to think about key milestones in our relationship. Such as when we met, are favourite holidays and even whether we were early birds or night owls, and with that we decided on an December wedding it just felt right. Next it was time to find our dream wedding venue (which really thinking about it i already had decided on before Mr Claydo and I had even visited). This was the lovely Granary Estates, a beautiful barn on the outskirts of Cambridge. It is honestly breathtaking and we fell in love with it from the moment we drove up the road to the entrance. As I go through this new experience of blog writing I will continue to share how the last year of wedding planning really went for me and my husband, the good the bad and the ugly. Im going to keep this post short for now as i have many ideas for different content and advice as we go along so until then I will just end this post with some beautiful photos of our wedding as I am so proud of how beautiful the whole day was. To my Husband Happy 1 week anniversary Mr Claydo i love you forever....

To my new brides and wedding enthusiasts


Speak Soon

Mrs C x

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