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Wedding Trends I am LOVING for 2020

So as we are about to see the New Year in I thought it would be a good time to talk through the trends that are set to be included in many weddings in 2020.

Its said that the modern wedding has become less about the traditional church wedding and more about celebrating the personalities of the couple who are about to tie the knot. 2020 is know exception to this and we will continue to see brides and grooms breaking tradition and setting there own individuality to there big day.

One big theme that seems to be more and more popular thanks to the great world of Pintrest and Instagram is floral installations. Flowers are not just being used for the bridal bouquets and button holes anymore, Couples are creating stunning decor using dried textured flowers, and bright colours to make sure the wedding stands out. I for one love this trend and even incorporated floral installations in my own wedding (see pictures below).

Following on from the theme of individuality couples are thinking more about what they like, brides are looking at more informal weddings and more commonly we are seeing more and more brides and grooms having their wedding ceremony in one location, which then flows seamlessly into the wedding reception…and why not? It suits everyone, guests are able to relax and not have to race to the next location and it also makes the planning of the days itself logistically easier. Its a win for all!

If your like me and love a drink, this can be an important aspect of many couples wedding day. If you love a whiskey, or are a prosecco princess or even a Gin connoisseur. Many couples are setting up speciality bars for their big days and styling them to give there wedding the WOW factor. Using cool DIY bars, colourful glassware and the perfect garnishes are just some of the ways you can style your personalised drinks reception.

So these are just some of the trends I am loving right now and will continue to update you on new exciting ideas.

On that note HAPPY NEW YEAR and i cant wait to share with you some of the other content i have coming up in 2020.

Love Mrs Cladyo x

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